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Biocosmé Mediterranean Beauty is a new and young brand that was born in Acireale.

As a result of a keen study about research and experimentation, Biocosmé Mediterranean Beauty found excellence in simplicity and its main objective is to formulate and implement cosmetic products. These products are made of organic and ecological ingredients, with delicate and fresh, allergen-free essences, and are created in order to meet the desires of clients.

Biocosmé Mediterranean Beauty is aimed at a particular consumer, who maintains a healthy, natural and evenethical lifestyle, who believes in the healing properties of plants and looks for a connection with his body for his own wellness.

Biocosmé name contains the root of cosmetics, κόσμος which means order, harmony, from which kósmesis: tidying up, beautify. Preceded by the syllable “bio”, the word takes on a clear meaning, approaching the concepts of nature and green.

Its baseline, day to day, is inspired by a fruit with intriguing features, the almond, symbol of the course of life. With the arrival of spring, the almond tree is the one whose flowers bloom earlier than the others, thus beginning the cycle of renewal of nature.

Its esoteric meaning is closely linked to its fruit, the almond, that encloses his seed inside the shell, as to protectit and wrap it in a beauty mystery.