A simple story that of Biocosmé Mediterranean Beauty, but often it is from these stories that something unique is born.

To start everything is the strength of a passion, is the strength of PAOLA, enterprising Sicilian businesswoman:

“I have discovered my passion for the world of cosmetics since the first years of my university, a passion that has been clearly revealed in the meeting with a professor particularly interested in bio-cosmetics. The road to pursue becomes clear and, once graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, I decide to attend a master’s degree in Cosmetic Science and Technology in Ferrara. After completing the master and back in Sicily, moved by an increasingly vivid curiosity, I begin to experiment, making creams and oils in a small workshop of luck organized at home, realizing, thanks to the positive feedback from friends and relatives, that the results are really good. I therefore decide, also driven by the innate desire to put myself in the game, to take a leap into the dark, starting a cosmetic enterprise, that represents my identity and my convictions.

And finally begins this adventure, beautiful and complex at the same time, thanks to the fundamental support of my husband ANTONIO and the concrete help of CHIARA, my twin sister, researcher and passionate about nutraceutical and my brother FRANCESCO, specialized in the commercial development of the company. A perfect union of intentions is immediately realized between us, although we all present ourselves with different specializations, but in some way they complement us.

Giving well-being to people, through the creation of natural products and high quality, is therefore the common goal that allows us a collaboration in total harmony and above all to achieve not a simple cosmetic, but the cosmetic Biocosmé”.

So the Biocosmé project comes to life in 2014 and in January 2017 the company is already a commercial reality.
Today Biocosm boasts a team of young women, experienced and passionate, who contribute to make it grow.

“Family, dedication, respect, innovation, love are just some of the values that underpin our Reality: every day we think of our cosmetics and we produce them with the same care and attention that turns to what we love, always demanding the best result and creating, therefore, unique products that give value to the individual”.